Dyeing your hair with toothpaste

Dyeing your hair with toothpaste?! Sounds weird, right? We were really excited to try it! Does it work? What's our experience? 

We went to the grocery store because we wanted to try a new colour-rinse. One of my friends needed a new toothpaste, so we thought why not buy it right now? We ended up comparing the ingredients of the toothpaste with the ingredients of the colour-rinse. And what do you think? They were almost the same! We thought it was a good idea to use the toothpaste as a hair-dye. This is what happened:

Well, this is my friend’s hair before dyeing:

We wanted to dye her hair a little bit blonder so we divided her hair in strands. 

We just did what you always do with normal colouring shampoo. It takes a long time to explain how to dye your hair, so just search on YouTube.
To be honest, it took a bit more time than normal colouring shampoo. Toothpaste is really thick, so it wasn’t easy to spread out. That’s was actually the only negative thing we could find.

We just waited 30 minutes. After the alarm had rung, my friend took a shower so all the toothpaste was out of her hair. Time for the end result…

WOW! What a difference! We hadn’t expect this experiment would turn out so great! After my friend had taken a shower, her hair was a little bit dry. We would recommend to use a little bit butter in the ends of your hair to condition it.

Let’s take a look at the ‘before’ and the ‘after’ pictures!

We think it's an amazing life hack! It's less expensive than going to the hairdresser or dyeing your hair with a colouring shampoo from the drugstore. After a few washes you're back to your original hair colour. 
When you're having a sleep over with your friends, this is a fun thing to try.

We hope you enjoyed our first real blog post. Stay tuned and see you next time!

Do you know other fun ways to dye your hair? 
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